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Fusion Hardware Group

Fusion Hardware Group is a manufacturer of high quality hardware and bath accessories. They offer complete suites of coordinated products in matching styles and finishes. A great place to begin your search for the perfect hardware for your home is to find knobs, levers, or roses that you love. With 39 knobs and levers, 29 roses, and 8 finishes to choose from, it is certain that you will find something you will just have to have. Their products are durable and made from solid brass or true bronze.

Here are Fusion's top selling knobs, levers, and roses to help you begin your search.

The Half Round Knob (01) is offered in all 8 finishes and will go with just about every home decor.

The Sandcast Bronze Potato Knob (06) is simple and timeless. It is available in Medium and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

The Ribbon & Reed Lever (AA) gives subtle decoration to your door and room without being an eyesore. It is available in 5 finishes.

The Sandcast Drop Lever (AK) is a beautifully simple sandcast bronze lever. Available in medium and oil rubbed bronze.

The Bronze Beveled Scalloped Rose (A3) is a great partner to the sandcast bronze knobs or levers, especially the Bronze Potato Knob.

The Victorian Rose (C8) is a great choice when you want your door to make a statement. It's a great accessory to any home with Victorian decor and is available in 6 finishes.

Find more Fusion products at Don't forget, they offer over 20 suites to coordinate all the hardware in your home, from your faucets in your kitchen to your bathroom cabinet knobs. Call customer service if you have any questions.

Sietto Products Now Available

Rustica Hardware is now selling Sietto products. Sietto is a company that designs and manufactures handmade glass decorative hardware. Their products are simple yet elegant and possess a classic look that endures over time.

Their knobs and pulls are made in America, but have an Italian air to them. Thus, the word Sietto was created by combining two Italian words - solido and schietto. Solido means solid, and schietto means straightforward. Sietto offers 5 lines, with up to 20 glass options. Their prices range from $18 for square knobs to $27 for pulls.






To order Sietto products, call customer service at 801-427-1046 or email at Sietto products cannot yet be found on our website. Please feel free to ask questions or request pictures of their products until then.

Ashley Norton Introduces THE MODERN SUITE

All levers and knobs from the Solid Bronze collection may now be combined with the new Modern Suite of escutcheons. The Modern Suit of escutcheons offers a crisp, sharp look to suit contemporary homes. These new plates may be combined with any lever in any finish, including the new White Bronze to create an endless number of design choices.

View some of the Modern Suite collection below. To place an Ashley Norton order, visit or call customer service at 801-427-1046.


All products in the Solid Bronze collection are now available in White Bronze. The white bronze patina creates a warm, contemporary ambience. The color lends itself to modern decor, yet retains the age-old feel and rich look of bronze. The white bronze patina is a living finish which will evolve with its environment over time, blending into its surroundings.

To place an Ashley Norton order, visit or call customer service at 801-427-1046

Rocky Mountain Hardware & Pella

Rocky Mountain Hardware and Pella Windows & Doors have teamed up to bring you several resources which help in choosing your door and window hardware. Please visit for the information you are looking for when you have a Pella window or door and need to purchase the correct Rocky Mountain Hardware window hardware crank or window hardware sash.

For the entire Rocky Mountain Hardware line, TO BUY ROCKY MOUNTAIN HARDWARE ON-LINE,  please see our extensive on-line hardware collection.

For Pella Windows & Doors please see the Pella website at

About Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hardware

I have more questions about door hardware finishes than anything else. It gets confusing when each manufacturer offers 10-30 different finishes or patinas and each one differs from the next manufacturers finishes! There is no easy way to explain things other than looking at a finish cart or finish images.

Our new line of Builders door hardware has an oil rubbed bronze finish as well as a venetian finish.  The Oil Rubbed Bronz e is usually a dark finish and the Venetian Bronze is typically a non living finish that will not rub or fade and has more of a red base to it.  Please see our finish charts for more information on door hardware finishes in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Cabinet Door Hardware                                                                         

Cabinet door hardware can vary from cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, to hinges and finishes.

Cabinets can mean two separate sections in your kitchen. Cabinet refers to cupboards, and drawers are usually located below those. Both sections can use the same product or can be enhanced with opposite hardware.

Most commonly cupboards or cabinet doors will be enhanced with knobs to identify which way to door swings and the knob allows access from all gripping angels. While the cabinet drawers below will be enhanced with pulls which allow an easy open especially drawers will heavy loads.

However the decision is yours. Which is the best part.

Rocky Mountain Hardware                                                                    

Rocky Mountain Hardware uses only the highest quality bronze to achieve their unique designs. Silicon and white bronze are both alloys. Silicon bronze contains copper, silicon, and zinc creating a coppery-gold color. White bronze is composed of copper, manganese, nickel, and zinc producing a silver color.

Rocky Mountain Hardware products let the deep beauty of bronze speak for itself. The hand-applied patinas enhance the hues of bronze creating an aged appearance. The photos shown here give a close representation of the true appearance of these patinas, however, the various elements of time, touch, and climate work together with the bronze and the patina to create a unique hue. Each piece, then, distinctly reflects its surroundings.

Click here for more options.

Home Decorative Hardware                                                                   

For home decorative hardware we recommend the following:

Schaub & Co.
Top Knobs
Rocky Mountain

Decorative hardware is the most unique style that allows character to be added by simply adding function to your cabinets and drawers and furniture.

Front Door Handle                                                                                  

The front door handle is very significant and deserves a lot of thought because the front door handle is what invited your guests into your home, its what you use to get into your home and to secure your dwelling.

You may want a full mortise style handle?

or how about a full plate?

Would you want your front door handle to make a statement?

or to simply add some character?

We have many helpful tips here:

Cabinet Knobs Pulls and more                                                                                  

Cabinet knobs and pulls are very important when it comes to your kitchen, or furniture and home. There are many manufacturers who create wonderfully unique cabinet knobs and pulls with numerous styles and finishes for you to choose from.

Its no question that there are cabinet knobs and pulls out there that will fit your budget, taste, and time frame. The question is which one do you want?

Find the one here:

Cabinet Hardware Knob                                                                        

Knobs, Pulls, Hinges there are many variations of cabinet hardware knobs.

A cabinet hardware knob has many pros and cons to its function depending on the style and finish. If the knob has many grooves and corners and is detailed then the look and style of your room will be enhanced and improved. However those detailed pieces are hard to clean.

A cabinet hardware pull has pros and cons as well. A pull is better suited for a drawer but can be applied to cabinet doors because they are so versatile. However pulls vary in size and your fingers may not fit between the wood and handle. Be sure to get the right size.

Cabinet hardware knobs are great for cabinet doors that can be reached from every angle however those knobs allow the fingertips to hit the wood on the cabinet door and may ruin your wood finish.

Cabinet hardware pulls are a great touch to your kitchen, furniture, and other areas around your home.

Find the best selection for your situation here:

Door Emtek                                                                                              

When people look for options in their new door Emtek is their first choice.

Emtek door hardware is the most impressive and greatest selection one could have for their door.

Hardware for your door Emtek says, is the most important finishing touch. Don't go astray and choose a product in another company that you could get from Emtek with a better price and better shipping time.

Their options range from cabinet hardware, door levers, door knobs, and many accessories for your home. Browse those options here:

Kitchen Cabinet Knobs                                                                           

Remolding your kitchen?

There are so many choices for your kitchen cabinets, whether its knobs, pulls, appliance pulls, and hinges. Then there are choices of style and finishes and materials to figure into your decision as well.

Where can you find all of these choices without searching the universe for the specific product you need? Right here!

We know about many manufacturers:

Top Knobs
Schaub & Co.
Anne At Home
Rocky Mountain

We're positive that you'll find what you're looking for in those companies, however if your taste is really particular:

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Knobs are available!

Mortise Locks                                                                                          

Manufacturers and door hardware creators are building the best and the most unique products daily. They are working non stop to help you with your needs and to solve the hassles that revolve around door hardware.

Mortise locks have an amazing function and great style to boot. Mortise locks have a long and rather large backset and door jamb. This allows for a more security and less worrying on your part.

This lock has a unique function. When that busy Monday rolls around and you just don't have an extra hand to pull out your key and lock the door behind you. The mortise lock allows you to simply walk through the door, let it shut behind you and you can be sure that the door is securly locked behind you. By pressing a locking pin on the interior of your door the lock will automatically shut and deadbolt behind you.

These doors are so secure they have been tested on all the basic forced entry manuveres and have passed with flying colors. See more options for mortise locks here:

Sliding Door Hardware                                                                                                                                                                

Sliding Doors have taken many forms over the years. Types of sliding doors include pocket doors, Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. Sliding doors are commonly used for shower doors, glass doors and wardrobe doors.

This makes finding the correct hardware you need and desire more difficult than anticipated. However we have compiled our research and knowledge to bring you all your options.

Sliding Hardware, Glass Door Hardware, Barn Door Hardware and many other options are available here:


Emtek Door Hardware Installation Instructions:
How to install Emtek Door Hardware & Emtek Handlesets                                                

Emtek Active Mortise Lock  (Left Hand)

Click to Enlarge

Emtek Active Mortise Lock (Right Hand)

Click to Enlarge

Emtek Dummy Mortise Lock (Left Hand)

Click to Enlarge

Emtek Dummy Mortise Lock (Right Hand)

Click to Enlarge

Installation of Mortise Locks Guide

Click to Enlarge

Emtek Mortise Locks Frequently Asked Questions

Click to Enlarge

Emtek Hardware                                                                                     

Emtek Hardware is a Assa Abloy group brand. Assa Abloy is the leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience.

Emtek hardware insures that you will be satisfied and will never see defects in materials or workmanship. They make replacements, repairs or exchanges without hassle if you are ever unsatisfied.

Be sure to check out their:

*Door Levers
*Door Knobs
*Switch Plates

*Cabinet Hardware
& House Numbers

Pocket Door Hardware                                                                           

Pocket doors are most common to some in the Asian culture and can also be confused with sliding doors. Pocket doors are installed to conserve space and to eliminate dangers accompanied with doors that swing open and close.

Hardware for pocket doors are very unique and are created especially for pocket doors. Hardware that has projections won't allow the door to fully recede into the wall and a pocket door without hardware is unmanageable.

To find hardware for pocket doors click here!

Sliding Door Hardware                                                                           

There are may doors in your home from your interior doors, garage door, and sliding doors.

For common doors such as exterior and interior for a residential home the needs can be found here! When it comes to sliding door hardware there are very specific needs to be met.

Click to enlarge

The above document addresses the dimensions, the handing, and other measurements that are required.

Find many sliding door hardware here:

Door Plate                                                                                                 

What is a door plate?

Door plates refer to hardware that is installed to protect the wood or the material from daily wear and tear that takes place. There are many plates and many options to protect your entryways.

*Door Escutcheon
*Door Rose (Rosette)
*Kick Plate

You can find definitions of an escutcheon or a rose at the bottom of your FAQ's page here!
07/31/2009 12:01 pm

Bronze Hardware                                                                                    

The bronze hardware finish is very popular among interiors these days.

There are so many styles of product and hardware from doors, cabinets, and kitchens. All of these products can be found in many finishes from nickel, copper, and bronze. There are also many variations to the bronze finish:

*Medium Bronze
*Dark Bronze
*Bronze Patina

Bronze hardware has a warm and rustic look which might be why its so popular in not only hardware but also furniture and appliances.

You can find many bronze items here:

07/31/2009 10:45 am

Latch Door                                                                                               

A Latch for a Door:

When thinking of a latch for a door one might think of many variations because a latch is a type of fastener or mechanism used to join two doors or other objects and surfaces.

A latch often differs from a locking mechanism which is intended for higher security whereas a latch is meant more for security and convenience.

Latches range in complexity from flexible one piece flat springs of metal or plastic, such as are used to keep blow molded plastic power tool cases closed, to multi-point cammed latches used to keep large doors closed.

Find different latch door options here:
07/31/2009 10:19am

How to Install Your Emtek Hardware                                                   

Bore a 1” hole in the edge of the door located on the centerline of the 1-1/8” hole. The latch will fit into the 1” hole. Chisel out a 1” by 2-1/4” rectangle on the edge of the door, 1/8” deep. The faceplate of your latch will sit on this recession.

For more instructions click here!

07/30/2009 4:34 pm

Glass Door Knobs                                                                                    

Just like Cinderella's glass slipper, Glass Door Knobs have been around since the Victorian Age. The classic style of the vintage look of glass knobs won't fade with time, because that look and style is sought after for a unique interior design style. Many manufacturers create similar products which in turn gives you many options for finishes, colors, and quality.


Be sure to look here for your options:
07/30/2009 4:05 pm

Anne At Home                                                                                          

Anne at Home - designers and manufacturers of decorative hardware and accessories. Over 1000 items in 38 finishes. Our products are the culmination of ideas gathered from industry buyers, artistic designers, home decorators and customers.


Anne At Home offers a wide variety of finishes and designs that allow you to express your personal style and taste. We offer over 800 pewter hardware items; in 38 finishes at no extra charge. Our pewter hardware offerings include cabinet knobs and pulls, hooks, vanity top accessories, and bath hardware.

When making our pewter items at our production plant in Providence, RI, we still use the same manufacturing techniques used in making fine jewelry. Our designers and quality control staff oversee each step of the production process; hand finishing each production and model mold to meet our standards. They supervise the hand application, polishing, and lacquering of each piece.

Color is the most prevailing element in decorating. Look to match our bath and cabinet hardware with faucets, tiles, fabrics, flooring, and furniture.

Our Collage Collection cabinet knobs and pulls are only available in the finishes shown. These high quality pieces provide value along with splendid finishes.

We know the importance you put on detail. Our products allow you to combine style and color with usability.

Hope you enjoy your business with us.

07/28/2009 1:38 pm

Premium Latch                                                                                        

Standard Latch Features Include:

*Compatible with all Passage/ Privacy Locksets.
*Custom tension spring for both knobs and levers.
*Heavy duty tempered spring
*Solid brass reversible latch bolt
*Upscale designer bolt

Premium 28 Degree Latch Set has many useful features:

*28 degree latch retracts bolt with less knob or lever travel
*Self-canceling Privacy lock avoids accidental locking (the closig of the bolt wiht the latch in the *locked position will unlock the latch, preventing accidental lock-outs).
*Solid Steel construction.

Find other locking options here:
07/23/2009 5:08 pm

Are You Rusting On The Coast?                                                            

Have a problem with hardware that's too delicate to weather the storm?

Speakeasys are being created for those who have love for life on the coast. Most hardware and metals don't react well to moisture and salt which is common on the edges of the nation, except for aluminum!

This miraculous metal mimics many others while instilling a RUST-FREE

Click here

Many options are available to prevent damage to your hardware. Find them here:
07/21/2009 4:10 PM

guarantee. Speakeasy grills are now available in aluminum!

Want To Know Who's On Top?                                                              

Want to know where these come from?

There is alot more to Top Knobs cabinet hardware than just knobs! Top Knobs provides superior craftsmanship in their cabinet pulls, appliance pulls, and cabinet knobs. Their quality is higher than the rest when it comes to warranty, finish, and style.

Their Traditional cabinet pulls and knobs as well as their line of Modern cabinet pulls and knobs are at the perfect price to allow you a beautiful unique style in your home.

The detailed pieces create a great feeling in your home, we're positive you'll receive compliments from the admirers.

Green Company, Green Hardware                                                         

Are you a Green Company that needs to incorporate your values in your building's hardware?

Certified Building hardware such as Hinges have been found that last 5 decades and have continuous warranties.

* Matches, contrasts or accents — Complement your building’s design with reliable durability.
* Resists corrosion — Stainless steel stands strong and beautiful in corrosive environments.
* Guaranteed — Warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects for 10 years.

Look for more Green and environmentally friendly hardware solutions here:

New Decorative Grab Bars!                                                                    

Are you a kid at heart? Too young to grow up?

We realize that its not pleasant loosing the basic functions and mobility that you used to have and even more worse is flaunting it with tacky, institutional looking hardware in your home.

We found a gem! There are brilliant designers out there who understand your situation and want to help you and that kid inside of you. They created Grab Bars

Click Here

These Grab Bars or Shower Rails, are becoming more and more popular, not only for the handicapped or the elderly but for style and decoration. They have the strength, stability and safety of a traditional grab bar without the institutional look. They are made of aluminum and are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) approved.

Most can hold over 250 pounds of force!

Click Here

Don't grow old, just be stylish!
that are not only sturdy but also look fashionable.

Hold On For Dear Life!                                                                           

Is your bathroom in regulation with the American Disability Act (ADA) ?

*Grab bars required in bathroom facilities
*Usually 18" vertical 36 " horizontal running along side the toilet and 42" horizontal behind the toilet.

These products will keep your bathroom safe and accessible, however these features don't have to be standard.

Click Here

Stainless Steel Grab Bars and Shower Rails are available for the modern look. There are also many other finishes and styles available so that your decor and class won't be effected by these Bathroom Grab Bar regulations and Shower Rail guidelines.

Brady Mercer (San Francisco, CA)

"I bought this product for my mother as she is 92 and still living at home...It looks great and works so well."
Katie Wilson (Arvada, CO)

"I love this product! I bought it for every bathroom in my home. I am constantly receiving compliments and would recommend it to anyone who needs a safety grab bar."

Don't Ruin the Wood!                                                                              

Sick of grabbing the wood on your cabinets?
Do you break your nails on your drawers?
Can't figure out which side of the cabinet door opens?

Cabinet hardware is the most functional and decorative finishing touch to put on your cabinet doors, drawers, and pantry doors. Having cabinet hardware is optional however if you face the issues listed above then we suggest the following....

Get a functional cabinet pull

Get a decorative cabinet knob

Finger prints and oil will ruin your wood finish and create a mess that you don't want to clean up. Having hardware installed on your doors and drawers will help you create style and functionality to your kitchen or wherever you please.


*Fusion Hardware
*Emtek Hardware
*Top Knobs

Find other selections here:

What Kind of Stile?                                                                                  

Ever wondered what was on the inside of your door?

We take pride in finding out every aspect of the door hardware industry by searching out the answers to questions that most don't know.

Have you ever thought about the assembly that is required to create a door?
Have you ever been asked how thick is your door stile?
or have you been interested in constructing doors?

This image below shows the aspects that go into a door that most don't know about. Feel free to look it over and comment or ask us questions.

How To Fit Around Your Fat Door                                                         

Do you have a thick door problem?

An extension kit for hardware is a wonderful solution for those beautiful heavy doors that require a longer span. This easy to use kit is the best solution to fitting your desired hardware to a thicker door without frustration or damage.

Click Here

You don't need new hardware, just an extension kit to go with it.

06/19/2009 2:50PM

Child Saftey Locks                                                                                   

Looking for attractive child safety locks?

Emtek has a brilliant form of safety and security so your little one doesn't get into unwanted areas of your house or garage. The Casement Latches have different finishes to create your own style while adding functionality to your home. The styles differ to fit your lifestyle and mount easily.

"I have levers and there is not a child proof knob or lever (that I know of) so we add those beautiful casement latches in whatever matching finish and we get to lock whatever door because it is installed up high. It is great!"

See what other locking options we suggest at

TOP 10                                                                                                       

The top 10 products for Emtek Hardware:

All of the Emtek products are the best selling so we found out what the best of the best is and we want to share it with you.

*Cortina Brass Lever
Brass Rope Lever
*Brass Egg Knob
* Geneva Lever with Square Rosette
* Bern Knob with Square Rosette
*Durango Lever with #1 Rosette
*Butte Knob
*Crystal Old Town Knobs

*Poseidon Lever with Square Rosette
*Stainless Steel Levers



Prohibition began in the early 1900's which was a law that restricted the sale of, the transportation and drinking of alcohol. Many agreed with the law and many others wanted the freedom and choice to decide on their own restrictions. 

Though the Volstead Act prohibited the sale of alcohol, it did little to enforce the law. The illegal production and distribution of liquor, or bootlegging, became rampant, and the national government did not have the means or desire to enforce every border, lake, river, and speakeasy in America.

The speakeasy was introduced to doors around the nation because the invention of the peep hole did not exist. The speakeasy was an easy way for those in the illegal clubs to see who was entering without actually letting them enter and also to be protected from the individual knocking on the door in case it was someone who wanted to force their way in. 

The term comes from a patron’s manner of ordering an alcoholic drink without raising suspicion so bartenders would tell patrons to be quiet and "speak easy".

Classic Hand Forged Iron Speakeasy Hardware

Click Here

The products we have now which share the same name Speakeasy, do not serve the same purpose and have actually become popular among residential and commercial buildings. The Modern Speakeasy has a classic look that has been introduced to this age for many purposes.

*Useful for airflow throughout the home
*Adds architectural design

Also adds character to the home

*Can be used as a replacement to the peep hole.

Scrolled Speakeasy

Click Here

06/12/2009 4:28 pm

Single? or Double?                                                                                   

What do they mean by a single or double cylinder? We're not talking about deadbolts.

Cylinder options are most common on entrysets for front doors or exterior facing doors. When specifying which type of cylinder you prefer there are a few things to keep in mind.

A Single cylinder is the most common lock, aside from deadbolts, with a keyed lock on the exterior and a small decorative latch on the interior of the door. They are very functional and user-friendly.

Click Here

Double cylinders have pros and cons to their use. Typically with entry doors there are side lights, or panes of glass that accompany the door and add beautiful natural light. However these windows offer access points for robbers who break the glass and unlock the door from the inside. The double cylinder prevents this access by requiring a key on either side to lock or unlock the door. The downside to this method is in emergencies, one does not want to search for a key.

Click Here

Where can I find single or double cylinder options? @
06/11/2009 2:15 pm

Grip By Grip? What's That?                                                                  

Grip by Grip is a name for duplicate handlesets on a single door.

Its a look of the same handleset that you love on either side of the door, mirroring each other. Do you enjoy your hardware so much you just have to have it twice? Then getting a grip by grip option that will satisfy your need.

Grip by Grip is an option that most need for their heavyset doors. With most entry doors their weight is very substantial for security and support. Standard hardware isn't the best option for these doors, so in order to prevent damage and or injury the Grip by Grip is available for your convenience.

Single or Double cylinder options are available for you Grip by Grip. Don't know what that means? Click Here
06/11/2009 1:50pm

The Perfect Fusion                                                                                   

My entryways are bland! Help me!

Well we have the best selection of Fusion Hardware Entrance Handlesets for you. These well crafted metal products have the best finishes and the greatest styles to create a statement. From sleek to ornate these wonderful pieces have the class and ability to function in any neighborhood or commercial setting.

Find out what else Fusion Hardware has in store for you at
06/10/2009 4:45pm

Bathroom Icing                                                                                         

Want to spruce up your lavatory?

Emtek Hardware specializes in creating unique pieces for your decor in every room! Their line of bathroom hardware and accessories have many different styles and finishes to fit your specific taste.

This functional and beautiful hardware will bring some class to your bathroom while leaving it comfortable and welcoming.

Where can you find these items? Here:
06/09/2009 2:19pm

Arriba! Clavos!                                                                                         

In the Spanish language Clavos means: nails

Click here

Clavos are great accessories for any use really. Get creative and think of wonderful ways you could spruce up a piece of furniture, or a door, or an entry way.

These hand forged nails are made with only the finest materials and topped off with the best finishes. They look distinctive on exterior and interior doors, cabinets and chests. There are many useful and creative functions for these traditional pieces.

Compruebe otras opciones aquí!
(Check other options here!)
06/08/2009 4:25pm

Breaking News!                                                                                         

Want to know what the latest trend is?

All over the nation people are trying to find unique and bold styles to add to their homes that will set them apart. Lucky for you we keep up with those updates and we have brought you information about the Speakeasy.

This is a wonderful product that is crafted and designed in the USA maybe even in your own state! There are so many uses for this ornament on the exterior of your home, on your fences, even inside your home.

Bring some character to your neighborhood and start the trend.
06/04/2009 4:24pm

They Knew What They Were Doing                                                       

The Aztec people that lived centuries ago have inspired today's respected craftsman.

Rocky Mountain has the widest variety of styles and finishes that you will love. Their brand new Aztec Passage Set product is a favorite to all the interior designers, architects and contractors. This beautiful piece will look inviting and bring character to those who enter your home.

Click Here

06/03/2009 4:30pm

Put Some Swing In Your Door                                                               

Need to control that swinging door in your home?

Rocky Mountain Hardware
has a line specifically created to help you function with your swinging doors. Their Push & Pull Hardware has unique styles that you wont find anywhere else. These products will surpass your expectations.

See other bold and natural products from Rocky Mountain Hardware at

Click Here

06/01/2009 2:33pm

Face to Face                                                                                               

Don't like the peep hole? Then get the 'speak' hole!

The Speakeasy Grates have a rustic style that look natural on your door. These attractive and effective grilles provide security and are available in many designs, and styles.

*Useful for airflow throughout the home

*Adds architectural design

Also adds character to the home

Click Here

There are many options for you doors and home find them here

Get Distracted                                                                                           

Do you have ADD? We have a cure.

Fusion Hardware has brought class and style to hardware to be used throughout your home. Their door handles and accessories are flawless and breathtaking, but what really stands out is their Sonoma Faucets. Your focus will be on these unique and sleek faucets because of the attention-grabbing style.

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Did I Lock The Door?                                                                              

Want a bright idea that will spice up your home decor?

The craftsmen at Emtek have gone above and beyond and produced a lever that illuminates. The Brighthandle Levers will amaze you with their classy and clever look of stainless steel and light. The levers only come in a privacy function because when the door is locked they illuminate so you know what room is occupied.

Emtek has amazing products that will capture your attention check them out...
05/28/2009 4:34pm

I Want It All                                                                                              

Are you looking for hardware that has the look, the feel, and the quality?

Rocky Mountain Hardware has made it their personal goal to bring all of these attributes together in one piece of hardware.

  • They create pieces with lifetime warranties
  • Living finishes created by Rocky Mountain mature with your family
  • They are willing to make custom works just for your specific taste
There's nothing more that you need.

05/28/2009 12:30pm

Interested In A Wooden Door Handle?                                                  

Do you like the look of wood but don't want to deal with the splinters?

Emtek has created a unique line of door levers that will capture your attention. Their line of Natural Wood Inlays Leversets have that touch of nature that will look and feel appealing. Different styles of wood along with sleek stainless steel create a unique style that you'll love.

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05/27/2009 4:27pm

Hardware Worth Bragging About                                                          

If you need to find class and sleek hardware where would you go?

Affordable and beautiful hardware isn't hard to find in the Fusion Hardware Line. The modern line of Manhattan Handlesets will set your home or apartment apart from the common places. Their designers love their hardware and so will you every time you turn the key.

Be sure to check out
other styles that will take your breathe away.
05/27/2009 1:15pm

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle                                                                     

Did you know that you can help the environment not only by recycling but with your interior decorating?


There are many manufacturers who are enforcing eco-friendly products in unique and beautiful forms. Spectra Decor being one of the many companies who's goal is the better the world one beautiful piece of hardware at a time.
05/05/2009 4:45pm

Rocks For Knobs                                                                                      

Ever wanted to bring nature into your home and incorporate it well?

Schaub and Company has created a new line of cabinet hardware that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature while in the comfort of your home. Their Michigan Naturals line of rock cabinet hardware is environmentally friendly and easy on the eyes. 

Made entirely from the Michigan Lake's surroundings and recycled materials this hardware is by far the unique look that you need.

05/05/2009 1:25pm