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Aircraft Hangar Doors and Heavy-Duty Industrial Sliding and Rolling Doors

We custom design and fabricate hardware to suit your individual applications.

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround not only for stock items but for custom items as well.

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We design and fabricate hardware that can be found all over the world. Leatherneck Hardware along with other manufacturers specialize in Aircraft hangar Doors and Heavy-Duty Industrial Sliding and Rolling Doors.


Coburn Sliding Systems:

Coburn is one of the highest quality sliding door hardware manufactured in the world today! Hillaldam Coburn of London, England has been manufacturing sliding door hardware for over 80 years, growing into one of Europe's leading suppliers of sliding door systems. This venture has allowed supplies of a complete line of quality sliding door hardware, including straight sliding, folding, center-folding, and around-the-corner systems.   Leatherneck Hardware can fulfill any hardware requirement from closet doors to the largest aircraft hangar doors, at a very competitive price.

We custom design and fabricate hardware to suit your individual applications.

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround not only for stock items but for custom items as well.

Our wheels are machined from solid steel plate for durability and strength. Standard sizes range from 6" to 24" diameters. When required, for larger doors under extreme loads, wheels are machined from carbon steel and treads are flame hardened to a required Brinell hardness. Standard or custom retro-fits are available.

Bearings are tapered roller type, arranged so that both the vertical loads and the horizontal wind loading will be transmitted from the door through the bearings. The bearings are provided with a dust seal to retain the grease and prevent the entrance of dirt. Axles are equipped with grease fittings for pressure lubrication.

Bottom Roller Locking Brake Assemblies:

Our bottom roller can be fitted with a locking brake. This brake is used for locking the door in place at any location in the opening; however, it is not designed to stop the door in motion.

Single Wheel Top Guide
Double Wheel Top Guide
Single Angle Top Guide
I-Beam Top Guide
Telescoping Top Guide

*Options for wood or metal and operating on single or double track runs help us meet your needs.
*Sizes and load capacities range from 220 lb. doors and up to 3300 lb. doors.
*All products are lubricated for life so maintenance and up keep are minimal.

Door Styles:

FOLDASIDE is used for doors which fold in, increasing in size from small garages to heavy industrial use, such as factories and warehouses and have a maximum door leaf width of 154 pounds.

COBURN range of interior sliding systems  supplied in standard packed sets containing all fittings and detailed installation instructions.
The top of the range COBURN GLASSMASTER offers the ideal solution for architects, interior designers and other specifiers seeking to create a sophisticated 'industrial' appearance.

Flat Track Hardware styling dates back to the turn of the century when it was used in warehouses and in industrial settings. Today the highly stylized look is perfect for unique interior and exterior applications. The line can be customized for specific applications and can save space while enhancing any door opening.
Available in a black finish. Special finishes available upon request including galvanized and stainless steel.
We use quality ball bearings as a standard, however, disc bearings are available upon request.

Our I-Beam Trolleys are designed to be used for very heavy doors where the service conditions are severe, radiation doors, blast doors and sound proof doors
3-ton capacity and larger.