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Yep. We’re Suckers For Accents.

Thursday May 10th, 2018
Accents are all about style.

Like… a French accent is romantic. 

British, sophisticated.

Brazilian, exotic… 

And ya’ll know a hospitable southern accent is inviting. 

Accents flirt with our feelings, thoughts, perceptions and emotions. 

Adding style and feel to your living room, hallway or bedroom is an “accent waiting to happen”… and at Rustica, we’re suckers for accents.

We geek out on the southern shabby & chic to the french provincial motif. 

Here are a few trendy-transformational-tips to accent your abode:

Ooh lá lá

A French chic style flows effortless elegance. It’s an eye catcher that draws you in without even trying. French design is confident in its own skin, preferring real beauty over feigned perfection. Go “au naturel” with our “French Door Collection”. 

This French Door provides a perfect sense of regularity, proportion and illumination.

Farmhouse French Door Half X

Mount Up

Contemporary western pairs one-of-a-kind ruggedness with comfort and charm. Wood, rock, leather and metal are key accents to western style. You should mosey on over to our “Leather Modern Range Door” if you’re fixen for a raw, elemental statement piece. 

The Range is capped with a distressed metal plate on the back side of the door; the perfect pairing for this raw, elemental statement piece.

Modern Range Leather Sliding Barn Door

Get Steamy

Steampunk design combines elegance with raw inventiveness. It’s a modern mechanical look. The stylish and functional mix creates a bold victorian gothic accent. Check out our “Steampunk Scrap Metal Door”. 

Inspired by the rough and mechanical Steampunk style, this bold scrap metal door is tack welded together and framed in wood for a completely one-of-a-kind look.

Steampunk Scrap Metal Door


Cute and country can combine into a beautiful blackboard backdrop. A whimsical, writeable and wipeable wall (or door) keeps the space from being board. We incorporated this chalky-chic accent into our “Sliding Chalkboard Barn Door. 

A chalkboard door for adults and children alike! Add it to the pantry, kitchen, or entry with a calendar to keep track of your family’s comings and goings.

Sliding Chalkboard Barn Door


If you “gotta” accent, don’t be shy. Be bold.

Let your “accent” shine in all its glory.

Spice it up with bold tones, shiny metallic, or perfect stripes.

Most accent areas look best when they adjoin walls that are either light or medium shades. An all-white room is doable but very difficult. 

Balance strong accent colors with neutral tones.

Show off your awesome home accent and share a pic to our RusticaFacebook page ‘cause ya know, we’re suckers for accents. 

 Shop some of our newest barn doors today and add some accent to your home. 




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