All About Steampunk Home Decor

Steampunk style door
There is definitely a sort of obsession here at Rustica Hardware for the Steampunk style in regards to art & home decor. Steampunk refers to artistic clothing, home decor and art that represents a mix of science and romance. Basically, Steampunk design represents an artistic balance between form and function.

Steampunk Home Decor

In the world of Steampunk decor, you will see an eclectic mixture of neo-Victorian ideas and machine influence. An example of colors used in Steampunk decor are: purples, dark blacks, silvers,raw steel, chrome, heavy glaze, dark bronze and distressed black. Dirty, scuffed & warn textures also prevail.

Steampunk Doors & Hardware

Some examples of Steampunk home decor are gear themed hardware, deeply worn leather furniture, exposed conduit, and all function driven architecture. Steampunk interior design style appreciates the true function of architecture.

Steampunk Decorating Ideas

Instead of covering up raw metal beams with a clean, white wall, leave the metal beams exposed and accentuate the amazing architecture of simple building materials. Steampunk has grown into an expressive interior design style. Combine gear wheels, scrap metal doors and industrial decor for impressive expression in your next design project.
[caption id="attachment_11607" align="alignleft" width="300"]A Steampunk and vintage representation of industrial themed rolling door hardware A Steampunk and vintage representation of industrial themed rolling door hardware[/caption]Shop Steampunk