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How To Install a Rustica Barn Door
by Kyal & Kara• WATCH ON YOUTUBE •“A barn door with hardware is a great way to create a feature within your home.Installing barn door hardware is a great weekend DIY project. You ca ...
Mounting a Mantel: What Height is Right?
Knowing the difference between proper, standard and optimalWhen it comes to home decorating, it’s clear that one-size-fits-all projects aren’t realistic. What works for a friend or family member’s hom ...
6 Ideas for Furniture with Sliding Barn Doors
Get Ready to Slide into StyleWhether your style is classic, contemporary, or somewhere in the middle — a sliding barn door is a fantastic accent piece for your home. They’re practical, space-saving, s ...
Mothers – The Forever “Open Door Policy”
Mother – She is special.She is warm and understanding.She listens, reassures and helps.She holds you, she reads to you, she prays with you.When we get home from school, work, or come home for holidays ...
5 Awesome Pantries with Sliding Barn Doors
Show the heart of the house some loveSliding barn doors are on the most-wanted lists of homeowners everywhere. Their country charm and rustic-yet-chic style can successfully translate to the focal poi ...
How to Know if a Sliding Barn Door is Right for Your Bathroom
Bringing added charm to your commode If there’s one area of your home that you can bet your guests will become quite familiar with, it’s your bathroom. You may have the most elegant and charming ...
Wood Front Entry Door Care Tips
“Woodn’t” it be nice if your beautiful front door lasted a really long, long time?Yes, of course!The front door is often exposed to the elements, environment and daily wear and tear. Your doors l ...
How to Install a Barn Door
Bringing country charm from the farmhouse to your houseThere’s no denying the popularity of rustic chic. And why not, it gives even the most modern of homes a cool vintage vibe and quaint country char ...
How to Lock a Sliding Barn Door
How to Lock a Sliding Barn DoorIf you’re reading this blog, then chances are you’ve already A) installed a sliding barn door, or B) thought about installing a sliding barn door. For that, we salute yo ...
10 Tips for Decorating Your Mantel
10 Mantel & Floating Shelf Decorating Tips Your decorative mantel should reflect your home’s style. You want to have coordinating designs that enhance, blend and highlight both your home’s an ...
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