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Great Wall Word Decor Ideas for Your Home

Monday June 25th, 2018

If only these walls could speak … Oh wait, they can!

Decorating with letters is a creative way to infuse some personality into any room in your home. A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but sometimes one word is all you need to paint a picture. That’s why these personalized wall signs and word for home art ideas can help your walls speak up and step up your home’s fashion game.

Rustic Metal Letters

Initials in Love

What’s more romantic than the age-old vision of seeing a young couple’s initials engraved into a tree? It’s the ultimate sight of perpetual love. That’s exactly the thought behind incorporating each other’s initials into your home décor scheme. However you choose to do it is up to you, but just know that your home is all the canvas you need to engrave your loving masterpiece.

Initials and personalized wall letters are also a perfect focal piece for kid bedrooms. They’ll love the added sense of “me” for the one place in the house that is truly theirs.

Create a Mood with Wall Words

One thing that wall words can help create is a sense of welcome and directness. If you walked into a kitchen that had the word “EAT” creatively displayed on a kitchen sign, you’d probably feel more inclined to belly up to the table for dinner. The same sentiment applies to incorporating living room wall words, such as “LOVE”. Seeing a word that invokes a universal feeling can instantly set people at ease knowing that they’re in a safe and welcoming home. 

That’s why using wall words in spaces that accommodate the entire family — as well as guests — is a great way to add personality while creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Blend In or Stand Out

Just like every other decoration in your home, word wall decor and decorative word signs can either be purposed to blend into your existing décor or stand out as the focal point of the room. Everything from material used (such as decorative metal letters) to their size and scale can help set your desired tone. 

Whether your style is modern minimalist, classic contemporary, straight-up rustic with a vintage vibe – or somewhere in between – decorative word signs and personalized wall words can fit your desired design motif.

Get Creative with Decorative Metal Letters

The best part about wall lettering ideas is they offer so much room for creativity. You don’t have to keep your kitchen wall words, living room words, or your quote wall ideas simple and flat. Instead, you can get crafty and creative with your home wall words. 

Play with wall word art looks that use lights, various textures and fonts, or mirrors in their composition. You can opt for rustic metal letters for a rugged or industrial vibe — or even soften them by adding flowers from the craft store to your letters as a soft, pretty contrast to weathered metal. It’s your home and nobody knows how you want it to look more than you. The possibilities are endless!

Decorative Metal Letters


Frame It, Hang It, or Paint It!

Treat your wall word ideas like pieces of art. Graphically designed decorative phrases and letters can be printed out as stylish prints, framed and hung to provide a look that feels straight out of a museum or art gallery. 

Or maybe you want to take things into your own hands? Try channeling your inner artist and get familiar with a paintbrush and some stencils to create your own word art, then have it matted and framed for a completely unique piece of wall art for your home.

Word Art With a Purpose: Added Shelving

Who said you had to take away functional shelf space for fashionable wall word art? Enjoy the best of both worlds with home letters for walls that operate as sleek and creative wall art on the outside and practical cargo space on the inside. It’s like a cabinet that speaks for itself.

Some large letters also come with built-in shelving or have features that lend themselves to creating more storage space. Get creative and use the hollow of an “O” or uppercase “C” or “P” as a great spot for a potted plant, or the lower curve of an “S” or “G” to cleverly nestle some books or reading material. 

Whether you’re looking for the right kitchen wall signs, rustic metal wall art, or wall words for a bathroom or bedroom, there’s no lack in wall letter decorating ideas out there to help give your home a voice.

Looking to create a vibe with words? Check out our metal letters

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