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Lewiston Barn Door Installation Instructions

The Lewiston is one of the iconic Barn Doors that is timeless, and will make almost any space better. PDF instructions for the Lewiston Barn Door are also available.

Lewiston Barn Door Instructions & Video

Lewiston Barn Door Recommended Tools
  • Socket Wrench with 7/16" Socket
  • Rubber Mallet

Lewiston Barn Door Parts
  • Side Stile Left (1)
  • Side Stile Right (1)
  • Bottom Rail (1)
  • Top Rail (1)
  • Left Side Slat (1)
  • Middle Slats (5*)
  • Right Side Slat (1)
  • 6in Lag Bolts (4*)

Lewiston Assembly Instructions & Video

First Things First

Lay out all wood parts before beginning assembly to ensure parts have not been damaged in shipping. damage has occurred, call 800-891-8312 and Rustica Hardware will expedite a replacement.

Note: This door model comes in various sizes. The instructions have been written for the single door size; but larger doors may have more wood and fastener parts.

Note: Always alternate the direction of the wood grain when assembling slats. This will add to the assembly and help prevent warpage.

Note: Doors using Floor Mount Door Guides have a groove on the bottom edge. Ensure this groove is on the bottom when the door.

Lewiston Barn Door Assembly Instructions

By Definition: Tongue and Groove refers to the ridge extending beyond the main portion of slat or stile. Groove refers to the slot cut into the other side of slat or stile.

Note: The following should be a ‘dry’ assembly. Do use adhesives in when putting this door

Step 1: On a flat, clean surface, lay out the B1 slat with the tongue facing to the right. Lay all B2 slats next to B1 with the tongue facing to the right. Lay B3 to the right of the last B2 Slat with the groove facing left. Assemble by fitting the tongue into the groove of each piece (Figure 1).

Lewiston barn door install step 1

Step 2: Place the Bottom Rail (A2) below the assembled slats. Slide upward to cover the lower edge of the slat assembly. Tap the Bottom Rail into place with a rubber mallet (Figure 2).

Lewiston barn door install step 2

Step 3: Place the Top Rail (A2) above the assembled slats. Slide downward to cover the upper edge of the slat assembly. Tap the Top Rail into place with a rubber mallet (Figure 3).

Lewiston barn door install step 3

Step 4: Place the left Stile (A1 L) beside the assembled slats and rails. Slide to the right to cover the rail tongues and the edge of the slat assembly. Tap the stile into place with a rubber mallet. Repeat with the right stile (A1 R) (Figure 4).

Lewiston barn door install step 4

Step 5: Fix the door assembly with four 6” lag bolts (provided), using a socket wrench with a 7/16” socket (Figure 5).

Lewiston barn door install step 5
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