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Wire Rail Barn Door Hardware
Product Description


Our exclusive Modern Style Barn Door Hardware system will fit any of your rolling door hardware needs. This is a contemporary , yet rustic style of barn door hardware. Comes with a lifetime warranty, this modern barn door hardware is made to last.


Made from FSC certified hardwoods and brushed steel, our door hanger system slides smoother and quieter than any other system out there. This highly stylized look is perfect for unique interior and exterior applications. The line can be customized for specific applications and can save space while enhancing any door opening.

The hardware is available in standard or stainless steel with several finishes to choose from. The listed package is a standard package with a 6′ track length, however any track length is possible and available. Call with the details of your project.

Modern Barn Door Hardware is available for order in complete kits for both single slide openings, bi-parting openings and bi-passing door hardware. The hardware can also be ordered as individual components.

All standard door hangers are of steel construction with ball bearings lubricated for life.


Raw Steel Barn Door Hardware
Raw Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware
Brushed Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware
Brushed Steel Barn Door Hardware
Black Barn Door Hardware

Red Barn
Warehouse Bronze
Green Patina
Copper Patina
Oil Rubbed Bronze Barn Door Hardware

Standardized Package

1 track (3/16″ thick, 2″ wide, 6′ long) with 4 spacers

2 track hangers that install onto the door with attaching hardware

2 door stops

1 door guide- keeps door from hitting back wall and swinging outward

Shipping included

Custom track lengths available, call with the details of your project!

Standard lead time is 10- 12 business days in production.
Shipping costs will be determined by our customer service reps for customers who have made purchases to the following addresses: Yukon Territories International Addresses ( All non USA addresses are considered international shipments) Doors with a finish 15 – 20 business days Doors without a finish 12 – 15 business days Normal lead time (non-custom orders) is 10 – 15 business days Expedited orders: 5 – 7 business days (at 20% total cost) Ultra Expedited: 2 – 3 business days (35% total cost)br />
Approximate Specs:
From bottom of hanger to top of hanger approx. 10″
From top of hanger to top of caster approx. 1″
Total height of hanger and caster approx. 11″
Width of hanger approx. 1 1/4″
Width of caster approx. 3/4″
Total width of caster, hanger, bolt and nut approx. 1 3/4″
Diameter of caster approx. 3″

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Wire Rail Barn Door Hardware

Hardware Application

Standard: One door, single track

Bypass: Two Doors, multi-track setup

Bi Parting: Two Doors, single track

Getting Your Track Length

For best results the track length should be a minimum of double the width of your door.

Example: A 3ft wide door needs a minimum of a 6ft track.

Please Note: Any track length over 8ft will come in seperate segments which will be easy to combine with provided Splice Plates & Hardware.

Example: A 5ft wide door will need a 10ft track which will come with 2 5ft segments.

If you require a size not listed call in for a custom order as we can fabricate any track length or customize the track to your needs.

International Customers, Please Read:

Based on your track dimensions and variable shipping requirements your track will be separated into smaller segments to save you shipping costs, splice plates and all necessary hardware will be provided for you to combine them.

Track Holes

If your wall does not have solid blocking you can order with no holes, and drill yourself to align the holes to your studs.

It is important that when installing your track, your lags go into something solid. You cannot lag into just the sheetrock.

Pre-Drilled Track: A Pre-Drilled Track will work for you if you have an interior or exterior header/blocking to lag into. Our Tracks are drilled to evenly space the weight. They are NOT drilled to hit studs.

No Holes: Getting a Track with No holes is best if you are planning to lag into your studs. This makes it so you can drill the holes on site to line up with your studs.

Door Kits

Most of our doors are offered as "Door Kits" (The door itself comes in pieces). A Door-Kit requires some assembly of the door slats, where as an Assembled Door requires no assembly. Neither option includes installation of door hardware.

If a Door Kit if ordered, you will receive a box approximately 7' x 1' x 6" (sizes vary depending on order). Typical assembly time is approximately 45 minutes.

Assembled doors will be shipped via Freight and will arrive in a crate. Please note, the hardware is not installed on the door in this option.

NOTE: UPS Hub Pickup

"It is our aim to provide our customers with as many options as possible but occasionally that can make things difficult to ship. Due to shipping restrictions all doors, not shipped as a kit (unassembled), that are over 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall will be shipped to the UPS hub nearest to customers desired address. The customer will then be responsible for transporting the item(s) from the hub to the desired destination.

Door Width

Header Explainer

A general rule is to add 4 inches to the length of your track. If you order a 7ft track they’ll need a 7ft 4 in header.

If the header exceeds 8ft it will be shipped in sections, all necessary equipment will be provided.

Door Thickness

If you are ordering a door from Rustica, leave this option as Standard

If you have your own door measure the thickness and round to the nearest quarter inch (our spacers are adjustable to many ranges).

Trim / Baseboard Thickness

The depth of your trim and baseboard from off of the wall (if the thickness of your trim & baseboard is different, select the thickest point).

If you plan using a external mounting header select no trim.

Additional Hangers

Additional Hangers are needed for doors that are greater than 5ft in width (1 extra per door greater than 5ft)

Hinge Placement Instruction

Measure the existing slab, that you're wanting to replace, from the top of the door to the top of each hinge. You will format your entry in this format: Hinge 1- 10" from top of door. Hinge 2- 22.

Lift Gate Service

By selecting this option a freight truck will come equipped with a lift gate which unloads your heavy products to the curb

Door Accessories

Spice Rack

The spice rack is great for holding an assortment of items.

Stories Told Bookshelf

Four shelfs total, our biggest bookshelf.

Steam Engine Bookshelf

Two shelfs, with a beautiful design.

Coat Hanger

The perfect coat hanger for any office or home entry.