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Interior Doors

Each barn door is hand-touched by our craftsmen here in UTAH. anti-warping, solid engineered lumber is the best in the industry. manufacturing ensures a high quality finish and allows a vast amount of customization to provide a perfect fit, every time.

Swinging Barn Doors

Just like our sliding barn doors, our swinging door line is the most diverse selection of styles and options in the industry. The Rustica Interior selection allows for a barn door look in a more common functionality. Available as both interior and exterior door applications, our solid wood swinging doors act as a perfect front door or an artistic door package to be installed throughout the entire interior of the home.

Our swinging barn doors boast ball-bearing hinges, which are longer-lasting, more durable, and quieter than standard hinges.

Compliment Your Home with our Swinging Doors

Swinging barn doors are a great option to compliment a room where you already have a sliding barn door installed. This is very popular in bedrooms where a barn door may be covering a closet or the opening to a master bathroom but other door openings in the room are not conducive to a sliding door. Also, very popular is our wood barn doors over a pantry or office.

Swinging Barn Doors for Your Interior and Exterior

Does your home need a facelift? Our exterior barn doors make for a perfect front door to set your home apart in the neighborhood. But why stop with the exterior of the home? Put your unique fingerprint on the interior styling of your home with our customizable interior doors, available in a vast amount of styles, finishes, and sizes. Leave no opening forgotten!

Rustica’s unique collection of swinging barn doors for the interior or exterior your home are thoughtfully designed here in Utah by our craftsmen.

Shop Rustica Hardware’s barn doors today.

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