Mothers – The Forever “Open Door Policy”

Mother – She is special.

She is warm and understanding.

She listens, reassures and helps.

She holds you, she reads to you, she prays with you.

When we get home from school, work, or come home for holidays and walk through the front door, Mother is there. 

When we need to work through life’s challenges Mother is there, open door, ready to listen. 

Here at Rustica, we have a Mother, her name is Kate and she is the founder of this company where we are all treated like family. Her door is always open to anyone who needs her. 

Check out last years blog about Kate here.

Kate and her husband Paul founded this company on family values. Together they are raising a family and running a business. 

When you are here at Rustica you are part of HER family, not just employees. Customers as well are family, and we know she would agree!

Mother’s find a way to make us feel welcome.

What memories do you have about your Mother? Let us know on our social media and let’s all celebrate Mothers on this special Mother’s Day.